Pan-African Parliamentarians Decry South Africa’s Apathy towards their Security

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Members of the Pan African Parliament have lashed out at the South African government for failing to provide them with adequate security.

This emerged at the parliament’s seating in Midrand where members relayed incidents of muggings and attacks they suffered at the hands of criminals.

Members of the Pan African Parliament have had enough of what they term as lax security provided by the South African Police.

They complain of being followed by criminals from O.R Tambo International Airport when they arrive in the country.

The security issue has been used by some members to call for the relocation of the Pan African Parliament headquarters to another country.

Before the start of the official programme on Monday morning, there was a heated exchange between members and the President of the Pan African Parliament, Rocky Nkodo Dang.

Nkodo Dang called for calm and agreed to put the matter on the agenda to be discussed in the next few days.

Meanwhile, President of the Kenyan Senate Ekwee David Ethuro, who gave the opening address for the session of the parliament’s sitting, has applauded African leaders for implementing progressive measures to improve life expectancy on the continent.

Ethuro has however highlighted some of the major socio-economic challenges that hinder economic development in some countries.

David Ethuro says: “Any student of the African affairs will be concerned that poverty, unemployment and terrorism are still plaguing our continent. Somebody must take note and make voices so that they can be heard.”

Members of the African Parliament have also congratulated Ghana on its 60th anniversary of independence.

Ghana was the first African country to be liberated from colonial rule in 1957.



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