#Togo Nicodemously slips Through #Constitutional Reforms

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*Togo Nicodemously slips Through Constitutional Reforms*

By E.K.Bensah Jr

*RepublicofTogo.com* reports that, Togo’s Council of Ministers adopted, Tuesday, a preliminary draft of the law that modifies *articles 62, 59, and 60*.


The project for constitutional change refers to term limits, including a voting system of two terms for candidates.

The website quotes an official communiqué stating that this initiative is to create a “ *climate of peace and serenity* ” that is indispensable in allowing Togo intensify its efforts that aim to respond to important concerns by the Togolese people. Additionally, it is to help improve living conditions.

During the meeting in question, President Gnassingbé reaffirmed his wish for openness; and invited political actors to commence the project for constitutional reform.


Both today, 6, and 7 September, opposition parties will continue to demonstrate to demand political reforms.


It will be recalled that the anti-government demonstrations started on 19 August triggering an unprecedented diplomatic situation where because Togo is incumbent Chair of Ecowas, it was difficult for it to impartial.


This was compounded all the more by the conspicuous silence of a statement from either Ecowas, the AU or UN Office for West Africa and the Sahel(UNOWAS) acknowledging the situation in Togo. It would take the UN a *good four working days* before the UN Spokesperson in New York, Stéphan Djurric would tell reporters that Dr.Ibn Chambas of UNOWAS would visit Togo early September.


In *French*: Togolese constitution can be downloaded here: http://www.republicoftogo.com/content/download/59891/1123059/file/Constitution%20togolaise%20.pdf

*Emmanuel is an AU & Ecowas Policy Analyst, with 15 years research in comparative regional integration & 13 years in civil society activism. Since 2012, he has been actively monitoring and writing about aspects of East Africa’s integration.


Since 2014, he has worked with radio hosting & executive-producing “Africa in Focus”, a show that seeks to demystify, unpack & explain Ecowas; AU; South-South cooperation. He is a regular pundit on Ecowas & AU matters for Accra-based Starr FM & Class FM*.


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