31 August, 2023

In the next few days, the *Pan-African Postal Union (PAPU) Tower* will be inaugurated — in Arusha — on the sidelines of the *41st Administrative Council meeting*, which is one of PAPU’s statutory meetings for discussions around collaboration and innovation around Africa’s postal sector.

The video clip I culled from Instagram showcases a Tanzanian official from the sector-specific ministry welcoming delegates to the 41st Administrative Council. 

The Big Reveal? PAPU Tower is to be inaugurated an unveiled, which will be a new edifice further-beautifying the Arusha landscape, which has become known as the “Geneva of Africa” by dint of the multiplicity of international institutions gracing the city.

📌PAPU is the AU’s.agency responsible for promoting the African postal sector

📌 *WHY SHOULD WE CARE?* As AfCFTA unfolds in various ways, *e-commerce will be critical to the conversation in intra-African trade*, and that cannot happen with digitalisation of Africa’s postal services. 

📌There is already an *African Postal Strategy* for the continent

📌 From perusing the PAPU  2022-2025 Strategic Plan, I can tell you that there is supposed to be 2 things:

🗒️ Cross-border E-commerce conference

🗒️ Workshop to help AU Member States prepare postal services for e-commerce.

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summary: E K Bensah Jr

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