Purpose of the report
The purpose of this report unpacks the impact of the transition to a low carbon economy, on the extractives sector in Africa, bearing in mind it’s significance to the continent’s development agenda.

The report highlights key trends in the extractive sector at the continental level, with specific case studies from five Southern Africa countries, namely the Democratic
Republic of Congo (DRC), Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. These countries are key in understanding the role of the extractives sector in the transition, for multiple reasons.

Most of them possess critical minerals, such as Lithium, Graphite and Copper which will be required for development low carbon transition technologies.

However, these countries have not benefitted from these resources, and are also exposed to the severe impact of climate change. Lack of effective natural resources governance, inadequate capacity and unsustainable mining practices, have all contributed
to a challenging environment for the extractives sector.

These countries therefore form a microcosm
of the contemporary challenges faced by Africa’s extractives sector, which justified their selection.

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