Who: The African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) & EU-funded project EU-TAF to support the AfCFTA

What: Advocacy Workshop: Promoting Awareness of Sustainable Mineral Resource Management Governance in Ghana and its Alignment with the Africa Mining Vision.

When: February 27, 2024

Where: MENSVIC Hotel, Accra

The African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) in collaboration with EU-TAF to support the AfCFTA, through one of its implementing partners, FIIAPP, will be hosting an advocacy workshop aimed at promoting awareness of sustainable mineral resource management governance in Ghana and its alignment with the Africa Mining Vision (AMV). The workshop, scheduled for February 27, 2024, will take place at the
prestigious MENSVIC Hotel in Accra.

*What to Expect:* The advocacy workshop will serve as a platform to disseminate the findings of a national assessment on Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources in Ghana. Through a national dialogue, attendees will engage in discussions on the implementation of the AMV, particularly within the Ghanaian context.

*Key objectives:* Disseminate findings of the national assessment to key stakeholders; promote awareness of AMV implementation and Advocate for the ratification of the AMDC Statute.

*Targeted Participants:* Journalists and Media houses, Government representatives from relevant ministries Representatives from the mining industry, Women in Mining Associations, Local communities affected by mining, AfCFTA Secretariat, Academia and Local supplier development players.

*Format:* The workshop will feature a hybrid format, allowing for both in-person attendance and online streaming to accommodate participants’ preferences.

*For Media Inquiries or Further Information*

Please Contact:
Caroline Obure, Communications Officer: Email:

*About African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC)*
The African Minerals Development Center (AMDC) is a specialized agency of the African Union that promotes the transformative role of minerals in Africa’s socio-economic development. The AMDC works towards ensuring that Africa’s mineral resources contribute effectively to sustainable development. This is achieved in conjunction with Member States, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), the private sector, civil society organizations — including women and youth organizations, collaborating institutions, and other key stakeholders.

*About EU-TAF Program*
The EU-TAF is a Team Europe Initiative to support the AfCFTA and regional economic integration in Africa. The program is funded by the EU, Germany, France, and Sweden, while, it is jointly implemented by GIZ, Expertise France, and FIIAPP.

*About Africa Mining Vision (AMV)*
The Africa Mining Vision (AMV) is a comprehensive framework established by African Heads of States in 2009, aimed at fostering sustainable development and transformation in the continent’s mining sector. The AMV advocates for transparent, equitable, and optimal exploitation of mineral resources to underpin broad-based
socio-economic growth.

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