In September, Equatorial Guinea will host the maiden edition of the Intra Africa Coffee and Cocoa Trade Week (IACCTW).

At a time that AFCFTA is all the rage, this event will seek to showcase the vast potential of intra-African trade, exemplified by the specific commodities of coffee and cocoa, as two pivotal commodities.

Positioning itself as a business conference, it will bring together the leading forces of the coffee and cocoa agro-industries in Equatorial Guinea, which has established itself as one of the party States of the AfCFTA to showcase these two commodities.

According to the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), it is evident that intra-African trade yields greater exchange of manufactured and processed goods, knowledge-sharing, and enhanced value creation.

The time is therefore ripe for African nations to not only strive for international competitiveness in advanced coffee and cocoa processing, but also to address the prevailing trade imbalances between producers and various stakeholders, including buyers, processors, and traders over these two critical commodities.

We need you to join  us to celebrate the intra-African Coffee and Chocolate Trade Week, which is a significant gathering of industry experts with the key objective of fostering connections and creating opportunities across the entire African coffee and cocoa value chain, while facilitating access to markets, knowledge, and business ventures.

In order to harness the economic impact of African Coffee and Cocoa, the IACCTW is calling all coffee and cocoa enthusiasts to join us for an enlightening panel discussion at the Intra Africa Coffee and Chocolate Trade Week, plus delve into the intricacies of the economic impact of African coffee and cocoa. Discover market trends, learn about value-addition strategies, and explore investment avenues. 

Together, let’s drive economic growth and unlock the boundless potential of these industries!

*For more information on how to register as a delegate, follow the link here:


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