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E K Bensah is a former Advocacy Health Migration consultant with IOM Regional Office in Nairobi…

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24 Jul 2023

How COVID 19 Reminded Us About Universal Health for All Across Borders Webinar

  • DATE18 Aug 2022, 02:30am


If there is anything we can credit Covid-19 for, it is the manner in which it compelled an assessment of Africa’s response to health crises. Even more significant was how it triggered a more assertive African Union – as exemplified by the Africa CDC. Truth be told, health as a thematic area is very often neglected in the conversation on Africa’s integration. There are already many layers, including whether migrants are treated differently by healthcare providers. Then, there is the other layer– the context of the Freedom of Movement Protocol (FMP). Indeed cross-border health has become a concern that needs to be tackled head-on as Africa’s integration architecture ramifies and expands exponentially. The paucity inevitably prompts the question of whether Member States within these RECS have sufficient capacity to respond to health emergencies, particularly across borders. With the onset of Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement AfCFTA, ratification of the Freedom of Movement Protocol by member states remains cardinal to ensuring Africa’s integration is consistent and in consonance with Agenda 2063, where Africans can enjoy, as per aspiration 4 of Agenda 2063 a peaceful and secure Africa.
Good health needs to be lived well, and with Africa’s integration ever-ramifying, good health needs to run hand in glove with regional integration – whether in AfCFTA or Freedom of Movement Protocol.

IOM organized 2 webinars to advance this agenda
General objective 
The objective of the webinars is to provide a platform for candid deliberations on the state of health in the context of migration governance, and Freedom of Movement Protocol in Africa and its influence on Africa’s economic, social and human development. Noting the importance of popularizing major continental integration agendas, that will influence the political will and coordinated mechanisms needed for regional and continental stability.

Specific Objectives

  • Unpacking health in light of Free movement of Persons Free Movement of Persons, 
  • Health-Mobility-Trade nexus: Addressing the interplay of health in light of rising integration frameworks such as the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement  AfCFTA and free-er mobility of persons on the continent including in the context of the socio-economic empowerment of women and youth
  • Recommending key health policies, such as the Abuja Call of 15% and UHC of 7% to foster a more effective cooperation of sub-regional bodies in fast-tracking the implementation of continental integration agendas and the fight against transnational security threats

Mr EMMANUEL K. BENSAH deputy executive director of AfCFTA Policy Network-Ghana &Diaspora, Ghana, and founder of UHC Communications Network.
(An experienced professional with 10 years experience & an independent ECOWAS and AU Policy Analyst with cumulative exposure to the African Union, ECOWAS, UNECA, OECD Sahel West Africa Club. A member of the Agenda 2063 Media Network since 2017. Possessing 15 years civil society activism (3.5) years in Brussels and rest in Ghana.)HOW COVID 19 REMINDED US ABOUT UNIVERSAL HEALTH FOR ALL ACROSS BORDERS


  • Dr. Michela Martini, Migration health, senior regional specialist IOM Regional office for East and Horn of Africa
  • Dr. Promesse,  senior technical officer, office of the director general Africa CDC
  • Dr. Michael Muteba, surveillance focal point, WHO AFRO
  • Lawyer Achieng, International Refugees Rights Initiative IRRI
  • Dr. Eric NZEYIMANA, Principal Health Officer, East Africa Community EAC
  • Prof. Davide Mosca, lancet migration Africa desk


24 Jul 2023



24 Jul 2023

How COVID 19 Reminded Us About Universal Health for All Across Borders Webinar – Report



10 Jul 2023

How COVID 19 Reminded Us About Universal Health for All Across Borders Webinar dated 2022

source: https://eastandhornofafrica.iom.int/events/how-covid-19-reminded-us-about-universal-health-all-across-borders-webinar