In a move straight from chessmaster’s playbook, KQ has caused tectonic shifts in airline industry. What looked like a beleaguered and ailing regional carrier from East Africa has given vent to redefining resilience.

Kenya Airways, which was on strike almost a fortnight ago, has just announced, through a press release, a new service that would see it fly to the home of AfCFTA Secretariat here in Accra twice a week. and fly thereafter to Dakar, Senegal.

This information was shared on the “East Africa Rising” platform by a Kenyan member.

Simply put, as part of Kenya Airways‘ new strategies to take advantage of SAATM and AfCFTA (both flagship projects of Agenda 2063) it is introducing a new service that sees KQ flying twice a week to Accra, and Dakar.

This will invariably offer business opportunities for those seeking to invest in West-East Africa synergy for the benefit of the continent.

It will be recalled Dakar is also home to a number of international organisations, and is an equally-important diplomatic capital on the West Coast of Africa. #Agenda2063 #SAATM #africaOpenSkies

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