CAPE TOWN, South Africa (Ecowas Business News- 8 Dec, 2022) Scheduled for 2023, the African Migration Conference — an idea mooted by APRM as far back as 2019 — will bring together CSOs, media, and stakeholders, such as IOM and UNDP, to help address root causes of Afrophobia, xenophobia, and migration. Also in the frame will be conversations around the AU’s Freedom of Movement Protocol.

However, ahead of that meeting, the first Technical Symposium, taking place from 8-9 December here in Cape Town at the Rockefeller Hotel, is being held.

The objective of the meeting is to mobilise minds of experts to cohere around the importance of migration and the Freedom of Movement Protocol. In an era where AfCFTA is all the rage, migration needs to also be placed in the front-burner of continental discussions.

The meeting ends tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates on

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