Invitation to the AUDA-NEPAD ECOWAS and ECCAS regional media sensitisation workshop to be held on 14-15 December 2023, in Abuja, Nigeria

AUDA-NEPAD is responsible for coordinating and executing priority regional and continental development projects to promote regional integration towards the accelerated realisation of Agenda 2063 – Africa’s vision and action plan. 

The Agency is also mandated to strengthen capacity of Member States and regional bodies.

In this regard, the execution of the two-year AUDA-NEPAD Communication Strategy (2023-2025) entails reaching out to the continent’s stakeholders, especially as pertains to the popularisation of 

the African Union Development Agency-NEPAD brand and the roll-out of the Second Ten Year Implementation Plan of Agenda 2063. 

To this end, the AUDA-NEPAD Communications Unit is embarking on a media sensitisation drive to raise the profile of the Agency, strengthen the Agenda 2063 Media Network, and to create awareness on current projects and programmes implemented by the Agency. 

These regional sensitisation workshops, themed ‘Strengthening the Agenda 2063 Media Network as part of building an informed citizenry’, will be hosted in countries selected due to their strategic locations in that they are key media and economic hubs on the continent, and they house regional offices.

The first in the series, to be hosted in Abuja, Nigeria will be a 2 day workshop to be hosted jointly with AUDA-NEPAD-Nigeria on 14-15 December 2023.


Mr Bensah’s profile as West Africa Coordinator-Ghana on the *Agenda 2063 Media Network*.can be found on AUDA-NEPAD’s website here:


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