In a video clip, sent Ecowas Business News (EBN) by ECOWAS representation at AU, of the closing session of the IGAD mission to ECOWAS this week to learn about ECOWAS’ free movement Protocol and architecture, including other best practices, the IGAD representative to the African Union, Maureen Achieng, explained how refreshing it is to know that in looking for African best practices, we can find them in ECOWAS — right here on the continent.

These are great times for West & East Africa synergy — as consistent with E K Bensah’s 2023 publication Harmakusi Festival of Nine East African Lessons, in which he referenced important synergy between ECOWAS & IGAD to happen sooner than later, what with the very busy Accra-Addis route being reminiscent of ECOWAS overtures to IGAD

You can view the video on Ecowas Business News’ instagram page here:

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