Publication: “HarmaKusi Festival of Nine East African Lessons”

OUT NOW: ADVANCED COPY OF MY NEW BOOK — HarmaKusi Festival of Nine East African Lessons
by E. K. Bensah Jr – 2023

In June 2003, I submitted my final dissertation paper in fulfilment of my Masters in International Politics at what is now the CERIS-ULB Diplomatic School of Brussels.

The topic was a comparison between ECOWAS & ASEAN against the face of Global Trade Liberalisation. For the past 20 years, I have embarked on a silent campaign to help use education of regional groupings to bring humanity together.

Whether it is through comparison or not, ultimately, regional groupings, and RECs in Africa, will need to identify synergies to work together for the common good.

It is in this spirit that I have been relentless about East Africa Rising, and this new book, which seeks to demystify and unpack West and East African synergies around their integration through personal narratives of travel and research