East Africa Rising

Dreamed up in 2014 on the shores of Lake Kivu, 🇷🇼, by E K Bensah Jr in 2014, East Africa Rising has become an innovative membership- and campaign-based digital platform seeking to unite African professionals across 24 countries across East, West and Southern Africa.
United around the belief that RECs are critical in Africa’s development, members also believe in best practices of each region fast-tracking progress for continental integration.

Currently comprising 153 members across 24 countries (across West/Southern/East Africa), professionals include journalists; lawyers; international development consultants; economists; AU staff; staff from regional institutions et al. Recent additions in September 2023 are Cameroon and Madagascar

East Africa Rising offers services, such as
📌media facilitation for African Union staff & staff from regional institutions
📌bespoke conference moderation;
📌management consultancy services, such as communication strategies for companies and non-profit sector
📌training on African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM and Agenda 2063


📋 10 Reasons Why EAR is Uniquely-African📋

📌 membership attrition is very low, suggesting more members have remained members for years
📌 one of oldest-running Pan-African platforms established pre-AfCFTA  on regional integration, unpacking East, West, and Southern Africa to followers
📌 continues to unite membership from 23 countries across East, West & Southern Africa
📌 virtual model of triangular cooperation (ECOWAS-SADC-IGAD/EAC)
📌 possesses a health communications Network that partnered IOM Regional Office in Nairobi in August 2022 to deliver 2 webinars on health, regional integration and Freedom of Movement
📌 possesses a counterpart in EcowaSadcSynergies that creates synergy between West and Southern Africa
📌 possesses “6 degrees of African Separation” programme that helps unite African professionals
📌 It has a dedicated website in Ecowas Business News (www.ecowasbusinessnews.com)
📌 most of the members have met each other in person
📌 membership is populated by staff from AU’s institutions, RECS, such as ECOWAS/IGAD